A downloadable game for Windows

The darkness will consume you...

You're trapped in a nightmare, in your own house. The darkness is surrounding you and strange runes have appeared all over your house. Use the light to defeat the darkness, and use the runes to escape the nightmare.

Note: This game requires a dedicated graphics card! It will not run on integrated graphics cards (which is what most laptops have, these days), you need a gaming rig to run this.


Press left mouse button to toggle flashlight

Press E to turn on lights


Ben Geisler

Curtis Zuels (Zeus)

Robbie Bangart

To install: unzip, go inside the folder WindowsNoEditor and run darkness.exe. You may be prompted to install UE4 pre-req's, if so do that. Also please only run this program on PC's with dedicated graphics cards.


voidDarkness_0.4.zip 472 MB